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Newbold Church

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Newbold Church  

Newbold Church is a family of around 1000 people who worship together in a variety of worship services on Saturday mornings.  We are an international church community made up of over 50 nationalities - we even have some Bible study classes in special language groups.  We enjoy worshipping together.  The Church operates Newbold Primary School and is situated next to Newbold College which also is part of the church community.  On a larger scale we are part of the global Adventist community of over 16 million members in 204 countries.

Below is a brief overview of some of our beliefs. We would be delighted to explain more about these and to talk about our faith in Jesus and how this helps us in our daily lives. Please contact us using the information on the Contact Us page.

What We Believe

There is a core set of beliefs that makes us all Christians. You'll find that Seventh-day Adventists share those beliefs with all other Christians. Here are some examples:

The Holy Trinity - Seventh-day Adventists accept the traditional position, of three equal persons in the one Godhead. We believe in the Virgin birth and that Jesus was fully God and fully man. It's a paradox that most Christians have to face up to.

The Holy Scriptures - Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible from Genesis to Revelation as the inspired Word of God. They do not accept verbal inspiration - it is the meaning, rather than the actual words or letters, that is inspired.

The Cross - Seventh-day Adventists accept that the cross was the full and complete sacrifice for sin.

However some of our beliefs are not shared by all Christians. For example we believe that God has given us free will - we don't accept predestination. We believe that those who have died remain asleep until the Second Coming. If the dead are unconscious then obviously we can't accept spiritualism and many New Age beliefs. We also believe strongly that Jesus will return to this earth in the near future.

But the belief which makes us really stand out is our belief that Saturday is the Sabbath. We believe that God gave us the seventh-day Sabbath when He first created the world. He put a special blessing on that particular day and we can still benefit from that blessing today. This is why you will find that Seventh-day Adventists all over the world attend church on a Saturday and do their best to keep it special."

For more detailed information on what we believe visit our beliefs page, or alternatively contact us if you would prefer to talk with someone personally.